From Miami to Ibiza including WARSAW!

As you know, we love good life and you all can share your life with us! Our great friends from Warsaw decided to send us a photo relation from Orange Warsaw Festival. Hmmm any special guests? Yes! Queen Beyonce, Fatboy Slim and many more!
Orange Warsaw Festival is one of the greatest music events in the world. Every year gathers thousands of people in the middle of the city with the world class stars for an example Beyoncé, Fatboy Slim, The Offspring, Linkin Park, The Prodigy, Plan B, Jamiroquai, Kelly Rowland. This is the strategic area of Orange sponsoring activities but for sure it’s an amazing experience and unforgettable moment. The event is in our hometown, so if you guys think that Warsaw is a boring city, we assure you that it’s not! Even If you don’t like sightseeing it’s worth to see Warsaw just because of The Orange Warsaw Festival! Big thanks to Marlena Rewienska, Pawel Tadej and the rest of the crazy crew!