“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

Fashion is a visual power. We all know this, but what about men’s perception of fashion? When it comes to this, it’s not only derived from aesthetics but it also is a reflection of personality and ego. Men’s fashion has evolved in style tremendously and significantly as women’s .Fashion is changing but style is enduring? We want to ask and share a notion of our dear friend Patryk Strzala.


Dawid Woliński(left), Patryk Strzała(Center),Marcin Tyszka(right)

Patryk Strzala – Fashion aficionado, one of the most famous blogger. He is a rising star and as many people say, future trendsetter. You can love him or hate him but no matter what you say, he definitely draws attention. His unique style, confidence, approachability and freedom of expressing his view of fashion makes him one of the most recognizable men’s bloggers in Poland. What is his notion of the good life? What is valuable for him? “Good Life for me is lifestyle and being…beautiful women, exotic trips, unique cars and of obviously fashion…clothes, watches and other accessories which makes life easier and more beautiful at the same time. But fashion isn’t the only way to good life, for me, it is meeting with friends, dealing with various situation, and remembering indelible moments. From every day I take the finest moments and motivate myself. I like to be surrounded by luxury items; well I guess as we all like this…it has been always close to me and remember  luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

This is one of his  stylization, mix of modern look with old style.


Blazer: Salvatore Ferragamo


Jumper: Ralph Lauren245t patryk strzala blog

clutch bag:Salvatore FerragamoIMG_5543  moccasin:Tod’s

We definitely love your style and we hope that you will inspire men not only in Poland but also around the world!

Thank you for sharing with us Patryk!


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