Indian Wedding

Marriage is one of the most important events in everybodys life. The time when you find your “other part”, the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with, when you fall in love, all around you and you know that you are ready to say “YES”. Our Western World used to love marriage, when two people meet together and simply fall in love with each other. However it is not like that everywhere. India is a great example where arranged marriage is still practiced. Is it better or worse? Maybe we should trust our parents, they are more experienced and know a lot about men-women relations. Numerology and stars are also helpful. But what if your heart feel something different than what your parents believe?

We had that opportunity to take part in a real Hindu Wedding and check if term ” Big Fat Indian Wedding” is adequate.


For Indian getting married is a big thing, it involves all family, friends and the most important- showing how rich you are!

Traditional wedding can extend even for a week, budgets for an abundant wedding can easily reach around $2 million. But each year, there are dozens of weddings which cost even more than $10 million.

The most expensive Indian wedding ever took place was in 2004 and it was double wedding of Seemanto Roy & Chandni Toor and Sushanto Roy & Richa Roy. It cost incredibly huge amount of $123 Million.


One of the reasons why weddings are so expensive is jewelry. The larger and heavier it is the better it looks. Below is traditional golden belt which is worn by the bride. Indian brides start receiving gold as presents when they are young girls, in preparation for their wedding day.


“Historically big Indian weddings were a result of marriages being more of a ‘transaction’ than a bond of love.”

Families chose a partner for their children based primarily on economic and social standing of the second family. Is it all about the money?


Henna tatoo ( Mehndi ) is applied during the wedding by specially employed women. Every girl can have it in both of their hands but after you have to be careful until it gets dry.


India’s bridal market is one of the biggest in the world.  This is a paradise for women who likes to feel shiny.

Photo with bride and groom. They looked as If they were getting married in a fairy tale and the bride’s dress was truly like  a princess dress.


At every single wedding  huge(!) number of guests are invited. What I mean by huge? The number is in thousands….


The real Indian wedding is something worth to take part in! You will not find it anywhere else in the world. It is possible to write a book about this. Everything what is happening during this event has own meaning and it is worth to mention that depends of the region people can celebrate even for a week!


Thank you Chetan for the opportunity of participating in this amazing event! And of course Caron for the dress!


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