If you can make it there You can make it anywhere!


They say that no matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and your dream, New York will always be the place for you. NYC-the capital of the world. Big apple, yellow taxis, Times Square, Manhattan, crowded streets, United Nations, 5th Avenue, Upper East Side, Brooklyn. The city of success. We all know it. It is indescribable. To feel it you need to go there. Thousands of restaurants, designers shops, amazing rooftops and full of ambiguous people who run to success. Everyone will find something for themselves. For us New York City is just a small stop in our life and hopefully not the last one. Our first trip to NY was because of the Conference in United Nations, after we went back there to enjoy and feel the city buzz once again. The time we spent in NY, was a great experience in our educational path and we had indelible moments. We saw a little bit of New York lifestyle. At 8am we were rushing to the Conference. Women in subways were wearing the newest collection of Fendi’s and Prada’s bags, men with white collar were rushing to Wall Street. Everyone was going somewhere but with a incredible smile on their faces.This is what we love in NYC-energy! There is something on those streets that want you to come back, and everything is in your hands reach…


Catchichg a cab is not always the easiest thing to do,especially when it’s raining outside…

image-1 (1)

View from Empire State building was stunning and so motivating

image-1 (4)

image (1)

Conference was amazing,this small experience assure as that by talking small steps and perseverance in life you can achieve a lot…



image-1 (3)

They say only the best manage to live there,what is your opinion?

image-1 (2)

During your stay in NYC,we recommend you to stay in Night Hotel which definitely provides the amazing views on the city..


We decided to see the best school in the world,which is not so far from NY-Princeton University…

image (2)

Atmosphere on the campus was incredible…



In New York you can never be overdressed or overeducated…Sara’s favorite photo from NY


We will miss you NYC,hopefully someday we will back again…



4 thoughts on “If you can make it there You can make it anywhere!

  1. This is awesome! You definitely indulged in the true essence of Nueva York, beautiful shot by the way. Colorful and breathtaking. Are you based outside of NY? I really enjoyed reading your post, keep it up!

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